Welcome to the Chee Fee Tai Chi Academy!

We practise Yang style tai chi, as handed down from Master Chee Fee Nip and taught by Master Sie Khuen Hew.

Forthcoming dates

First classes in 2018: Saturday February 3rd.

Committee change

At the recent 2017 AGM, a new committee was elected. The club would like to thank the outgoing committee members and the instructors for their contributions over the past year.

People volunteering their time makes the club what it is today. If you would like to contribute, please talk to a member of the committee.

Newsletter editor needed

The club is looking for volunteer newsletter editors. Please talk to a committee member if you can help.

Old newsletters can be found on the newsletters page.

Tai Chi Classics

Translations of two of the 'Tai Chi Classics' texts on the theory of tai chi are now at the classics page.

Articles on tai chi

There is now an article by Sifu Hew about the process of learning tai chi and an interview with Sifu written up by Man Wan Ng describing the meaning of the academy's emblem. Visit the members page for details.

Historic newsletters now available online

Ross Chapman has scanned in and converted old newsletters to PDF files, providing a valuable historical record of the club.
Visit the older newsletters link on the newsletters page.

Class timetable available

Download the timetable from the timetable page.

Form posture names

PDFs listing the posture names of various forms are now on the Members page.

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